Dingdong Comeros


Dingdong worked with VICTO National as their area manager for fifteen years,
earning him multitude of experiences learning and working for, and with

He has provided trainings, consultancy and branding services for
cooperatives. He also earned his designation as Development Educator in both
the Philippine and the United States Development Educator programs.
In 2017, acting upon his role as the area manager, he came up with an idea of
developing a cooperative profiling tool that utilizes the use of data. The
concept and the tool proved useful for their cooperative affiliates in giving a
snapshot take on their co-op’s performance as compared to their peers.
Currently, he is working as an independent consultant for cooperatives. His
latest project involves advocating for cooperative performance literacy with
the use of data and for the cooperative leaders to have a data-driven mindset
running their cooperatives.

He is passionate helping cooperatives succeed by imparting his creative and
analytical skills… in part, he believes it helps him grow as a person.