Moses Sam Paul

Mr. Moses sam paul

Moses Sam Paul is a Technology and Public Policy professional. Post his undergrad in Information Technology he worked with TCS & Microsoft as a software professional and post his Masters degree in Public Policy and working with consulting companies in SEA he moved back to India in 2014 and has been with Heptagon, a Digital Transformation Company, as Head of Growth helping them grow from a 5 member team to 185 member company.

Currently, he is in the process of  setting up TheThirdPillar – a labour market “research” and “do” foundation. Under the “research” pillar he is working with Bharat Inclusion Research Fund on “Data Ownership & Gig Economy”. Under the “do” pillar he has set up 4 communities around skills such as, MadAboutGrowth.Club, StrangerSapiens.Club & StopBeingBoring.Club to validate the permissioned blockchain based Frictionless Skill Movement Platform – SkillsChain.